God is Real.

Religion is Make-Believe.

The Discotheque at the End of the Universe is a dance party. That's also participatory theater. And an entheogenic workout. Aaaannnd wild-ass ritual magic. You've never seen anything like it. Or, potentially, experienced anything so profound.

In the Discotheque, you pretend to be a member of a 23rd century religion. You believe the God/dess has returned to historical time in the form of the rock and pop music of the late 20th century. By singing and dancing along to tracks by David Bowie, Prince, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rihanna and more while in an altered state of consciousness, you can unlock Her energy and enter visionary trance states far deeper and more intense than any you could achieve on your own.

It is, in a word, a FUCKING BLAST. 

The Discotheque at the End of the Universe is based on a simple idea: God (or Brahman, or Allah, or Buddha Nature, or the Universal Mind, or whatever you wish to call it) is real...but religions (all of them) are nothing more (or less!) than games of make-believe. 

If that's true, we can stop always looking backward and imitating the past. We can create new and ever more innovative and efficacious religion games. Games that allow a direct experience the Sacred. Games that are actually fun!

Come see what happens when pop culture and entheogenic shamanism collide at atom-smashing speed. You think you know weird, Portland? WE'LL SHOW YOU WEIRD! It's The Discotheque at the End of the Universe!

Our weekly entheotrainments are always free, but space is limited. Doors close at 7:40PM, so please be on time!

The St. David Bowie EntheoGym (a.k.a The First Church of David Bowie, Phonomancer)