St. David Bowie EntheoGym

Among the many, many groundbreaking concepts #phonomancer introduces to the world is the "entheogymnasium."

An entheogymnasium ("entheogym" for short) is a place where you train the skills necessary to realize your highest potentials, and ultimately, your highest Self. To that end it's a strength & conditioning facility, a theater school, a meditation hall, a lodge, a nightclub, and a psychedelic temple.

It's a concept so outrageous as to seem science fictional, and yet it's moving into consensus reality, right here in Portland!

At the St. David Bowie EntheoGym, we offer classes in barbell and kettlebell-based strength & conditioning training, singing, dancing, meditation, and Phonomantic theory and concepts.

Our curriculum has been designed to develop increased physical, psychological, and spiritual capacities via intense exercise, Jungian inner work, and C³, our proprietary system for conscious character creation. For those who are ready, we teach a careful, progressive approach to building skill with psychedelics, with the goal of participating in group workouts called entheotrainments. (NB: Until all necessary state regulations are in place, we DO NOT supply or serve.)  

Our goal is entheogenic fitness.

Our ethos is Intensity, Community, Self-Actualization, and Transcendence.

What is Entheogenic Fitness?

Physical fitness means different things to different people. For some, it's the ability to perform athletically or (depending on your job) vocationally at a high level. Many see it as a condition for optimal health. Others might define it as more a matter of aesthetics, of muscle mass and body-fat percentage. 

What’s discussed less often is how fitness feels. To be physically fit is to feel good. There’s a sense of tensile strength, of energy, of readiness, even eagerness, for whatever challenges might arise. 

There is an equivalent psychological state. It’s characterized by potent well-being: sensitivity, vivacity, sanguinity, and stalwartness, plus a lived sense of gratitude for grace. At higher levels, it includes what we could call a sense of expanded area of tactical responsibility: because you’ve got yourself sorted, you can afford to spend more time and energy looking out for the people around you, loved ones and strangers alike.

This equivalent psychological state is entheogenic fitness. It’s how you feel as you actively pursue the realization of your highest potentials, and ultimately, your highest Self

Like physical fitness, it’s achieved through focused effort and the virtuous cycle of work and rest, of stress and adaptive response, enacted over time.

And like physical fitness, there’s no end to it; you’re never done; you can always get entheogenically fitter. Which means you can always feel better, and take better care of your fellow human beings. 

Let’s hit the gym, hey?