What is Phonomancer™?

The Discotheque at the End of the Universe! is part of a live-action role-playing game called Phonomancer

You can play Phonomancer™ alone, or with up to ten billion friends. It’s somewhat akin to traditional fantasy role-playing games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. However, in AD&D, you create a character to go on adventures in an imaginary setting. In Phonomancer™, you go on adventures in an imaginal setting to create your character.

Phonomancer™ can be played at three levels: BASIC, ADVANCED, and EXPERT.

Phonomancer™’s core game mechanic is based on the Phonomantic Method, a set of assertions, concepts, and techniques that help develop skill with psychedelics and eventually allow one to exert a measure of control over the psychedelic experience. The Phonomantic Method also makes possible scalable group psychedelic ceremonies like The Discotheque at the End of the Universe!, which serve as the field where games of Phonomancer™ are played.